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recover Quickbooks damaged file

How do I repair a damaged QuickBooks file?

QuickBooks has been serving a large number of users all over the world with a sheer feeling of satisfaction using advanced and innovative technology. It can easily solve the issue related to accounting and bookkeeping and provide an upper hand to the companies in their business administration. But how you will be going to solve the issue in QuickBooks as you may face some corrupted files issues in QuickBooks. You can follow this blog or try to call at Quickbooks Customer Service to get the easy solution quickly.

Identification of corrupted files in QuickBooks:

You need to find out the corruption in QuickBooks company files that will make you sure there is such a problem and accordingly you can look for the solution.

  • If you observe sudden shutdown of QuickBooks when you try to save or delete transaction.
  • If you have the faulty reports and total assets is not the same as the total liabilities.
  • If there are missing transactions and entries.
  • If original documents are missing and accounts names marked as an asterisk (*).
  • If QuickBooks is running slowly and taking a long time to respond.
  • If you get a negative balance remaining in transaction history.

Now, these are the condition when appears you can identify that there are some corruption issues in QuickBooks.

What cause QuickBooks to be corrupted:

As you have to focus on the solution, you must learn about the causes that are responsible for the issue, and some situation is given below:

  • When QuickBooks database file size expands to its limit from 200 MB or 450MB.
  • When there are not enough resources like RAM, Virtual memory, network interface cards, routers, etc.
  • When a sudden power failure or shut down happens and you also don’t have the UPS.
  • The inappropriate shutdown of the system may create a problem.
  • Virus attack or malware infection may lead the corruption.
  • These are some situation that can cause trouble. So you need to figure out the issue, and then you can go for the solution.

Get the easy solution for QuickBooks file corruption:

You should try to prevent the corruption issues in QuickBooks, but if the issue has already occurred, then you should try to fix it with these solutions:

Method 1. Verify and Rebuild data

  • Go to the data file and login as administrator.
  • Choose the single user mode and follow the sequence file> Utilities> verify data to initiate data verification.
  • Create a local copy on the system.
  • Next, enable temporary hosting on the computer and open the restored files as an administrator.

Method 2. Using free tools

Apart from the above free tools, you can also use some free tools to fix the issue as mentioned below:


It can easily re-register the several corrupted files of QuickBooks with MS windows.

  2.QuickBooks install diagnostic tool

It will help you to diagnose issues and repairs them using Microsoft .NET framework.

  3.QuickBooks component repair tool

It can easily prevent problems in QuickBooks and fix the issue.

  4.QuickBooks file doctor

This tool is mostly preferable option to detect the corrupted files and fix the issue related to windows setup and network setup.

  5.Third party tools

You can also download and install some of the third party tools to fix the issue. but you should these tools only if you are unable to fix the issue using the inbuilt tools.

Get the QuickBooks customer support for further support:

In case you are not getting any particular direction to solve the issue, you can easily call Quickbooks Customer Support number to get the professional support and advanced guidance to fix the issue.

If you Still Facing Any Problems regarding Quickbooks Accounting than Call on our Quickbooks Technical Support team at +1-844-884-6479.