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Quickbooks Error 15106

How to fix QuickBooks Error 15106?

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Finances and accounting tasks become more complicated as your business grows, and as the number of transactions processed increases. QuickBooks accounting software is specifically designed to streamline your accounting tasks, making it much easier to manage your business finances. The software, which is developed by Intuit, helps small and medium-sized business track the cash flow, process payments online, and create personalized accounting reports at the click of a button. However, because of certain technical glitches, the features available on QuickBooks to not always work as they should. Sometimes you may encounter certain error codes on QuickBooks that make it difficult to run the software. QuickBooks Error Code 15106 is one such error code that is caused because of update or installation problems in QuickBooks. Along with a warning about QuickBooks Error Code 15106, you will see a prompt or a message from QuickBooks that reads, “The update program cannot be opened, or the update program is damaged.” This article will give you some helpful tips on how to fix QuickBooks Error Code 15106. However, if you find that Error 15106 keeps occurring, you can call the QuickBooks customer care and consult a professional software technician to explore the possibility of implementing a more advanced solution to troubleshoot the error and resolve the QuickBooks update issue.

Steps to solve QuickBooks Error Code 15106

The primary cause behind QuickBooks Error Code 15106 is interference from a third party software, very often Spy Sweeper or some other similar software or program. You can refer to the steps given below to troubleshoot Error Code 15106 so that you can continue using QuickBooks Payroll:

  • Step 1: Whenever you are attempting to update your QuickBooks accounting software, you need to make sure that you are logged in as the system admin.
  • Step 2: Restart the computer you use to access QuickBooks and enter the required admin username and password to complete the necessary updates.
  • Step 3: Check your third party software, such as Spy Sweeper, to check what may have caused QuickBooks Error Code 15106.
  • Step 4: Use the ‘Ctrl + Shift + Esc’ keys on your keyboard to open the Task Manager and review the software running on your computer.
  • Step 5: If you locate the software, for example, the ‘SpySweeper.exe’ process, you can select the ‘Add/Remove Programs’ option to resolve the error.
  • Step 6: If you could not make the necessary software changes you should go to the C drive and rename the “downloadqb<nn>” file to “download<nn>.old” and reset the update.

Users must keep in mind that the steps mentioned above may vary depending on the operating system you are using, or the version of QuickBooks installed on your computer. If you have any trouble completing the steps mentioned above, you can call the QuickBooks Tech Support phone number and ask for additional assistance. A team of professional software technicians is available 24 hours a day and can give you a step-by-step guide so that you can solve QuickBooks Error Code 15106 as soon as possible.