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Fix QuickBooks PIN Or Password Problems?

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A budding business could use some software buddies to help it grow. QuickBooks is that accounting software buddy that can help you organize your finances more efficiently. QuickBooks makes use of the latest cloud-based technology to give you the tools you need to complete a variety of accounting tasks related to everything from baking to taxes to financial reports. And the best part is, since most of it is online you are not burdened by tedious paperwork. However, working online does have risks especially if finances are involved. That is why QuickBooks has several security measures in place to make sure your data is secure. This post discusses one of the most basic security features of QuickBooks, the Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you want a more detailed idea about the security features on QuickBooks you can call the QuickBooks tech support number and speak to a certified QB expert.

What is a QuickBooks PIN?

A Personal Identification Number, or QuickBooks PIN, is absolutely necessary to maintain security on your account and to prevent any sort of unauthorized transactions on QuickBooks. QuickBooks users are given a unique PIN to manage their accounts. The QuickBooks PIN is required whenever you need to transmit your payroll to your payroll service or if you are looking to access the Payroll Tax Centre (PTC). Users should be careful whenever they encounter any PIN problems so that they avoid losing valuable financial data.

Steps to fix QuickBooks PIN Problems:

There are two ways for you do resolve error related to PIN problems on QuickBooks:

Method 1: Using Account Maintenance to change your QuickBooks PIN

  • Step 1: Open QuickBooks and go to ‘Employees’
  • Step 2: Select ‘My payroll service’ and click ‘Billing/bank information’
  • Step 3: Look in the service information part and click ‘Change the PIN’
  • Step 4: Enter your QuickBooks details in the fields provided.
  • Step 5: As a security precaution, verify the details and click Submit.

If this method does not work you can try the second method given below. However, users must bear in mind that they need to have the correct admin login and the correct QuickBooks password details in order to use this method. QuickBooks recommends you use the conventional method whenever you encounter any PIN related errors.

Method 2: Using the Send Payroll Data Window to change the PIN

  • Step 1: Open QuickBooks desktop and login as administrator
  • Step 2: Select the ‘Employees’ menu and go to ‘Send payroll data’
  • Step 3: Once the ‘Send/Receive Payroll Data’ windows opens, press ‘Send’
  • Step 4: In the Payroll service PIN window you find an option for forgot PIN
  • Step 5: Enter the admin password as it is registered with QuickBooks
  • Step 6: Type your new PIN in the given field and click Submit.

If you try both these methods but still could not resolve the error then you should contact QuickBooks Phone Number as soon as possible. If you see that the PIN error persist then you should consult a QuickBooks expert who will be able to identify the root of the problem so that you can implement the correct solution.

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