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QuickBooks Point Of Sale Support

One of the robust platforms that are known for permitting every user to follow sales, inventory, and customers of their business quickly and efficiently is none other than QuickBooks POS. It is known for its two version for which it is more famous one is the Basic version and other is Pro version. If you are thinking about why QuickBooks POS is created? Then answer is simple just to strengthen the business of customer by giving them proper service so that they can reach their business goals. This software is known for keeping track of the customer’s information and then comes up with various ideas so as to improve the loyalty of the customer. So that you can have an idea about what brand and products customers prefer to buy, the feature of keeping track of past purchase is also included in it. The credit card payment is accepted by QuickBooks POS. The user-friendly interface of this software makes it easy to use and operate. It automatically updates the inventory so that users don’t have to input each transaction manually. If you want to know more about this accounting software then just call QuickBooks POS Support where experts are available at all hours to guide the clients who are facing any kind of trouble.

Install QuickBooks POS

What is the first thing you should check before installing QuickBooks POS? The first thing which anyone should do before installing any software is to check the system requirement. If you don’t know where to look for it then don’t worry it is mentioned below:

  • OS- Windows 7 and above
  • RAM- 4 GB and 1 GB disk space
  • Processor- Single user: 2.0 GHz
  • Multiple users: 2.8 GHz
  • Screen Resolution – 1280 x 768
  • 4X DVD ROM is required for the DVD installation
System Requirements

Once your system has met the system requirement then you just need to follow the steps for downloading and installing it:

Download POS
  • Download the setup file of QuickBooks POS and save it
  • Open the downloaded file through right click and then choose the option of running it as administrator
  • Agree to any prompt that appears on the screen and doesn’t forget to accept the terms of the license agreement
  • Then enter the activation key and click ‘next’ and then you have to select a number of computers for which you want to use the point of sale.
  • Once the installation process is done you need to make sure that you restart the computer.

After the successful installation of QuickBooks POS, you are all set to go. And if you are having any doubt about how to use this software then also you are asked to take help from QuickBooks POS Support where you will guide properly by the professionals.

Astonishing traits of QuickBooks POS

This software is in huge demand among small and medium-sized businesses and its craze is increasing day by day. And all this is because of the unique features which are present in this accounting software. These traits are known for contributing to the seamless working of the clients so that their work can be completed quickly. Some of the traits of QuickBooks POS is mentioned below:

  • With the feature of multitasking through multiple window users now don’t have to wait for the transaction to complete for opening a new window or task as they can switch easily.
  • You have the option of editing certain line item values directly on the line of vouchers and receipts itself.
  • Through the display column, the line items on the voucher and sales receipts can be assorted easily.
  • You can save your lots of precious time by using the feature of displaying the total quantity of all the products or items on receiving voucher itself.
  • Through-chip and pin cards to customers can make the transaction.
  • The seamless syncing feature has made the task of accountant and business owner simple by just making the transfer of data easy.
  • The inventory management feature of QuickBooks POS makes it sure that you can have the track of inventory like what is in stock and what is not.

Hiccups with QuickBooks POS

If you are thinking that this software is perfect than you are wrong because no software is perfect. Each and every software have one or more shortcoming, likewise is the case with QuickBooks POS which is an amazing software with some technical glitches. Some of these issues are mentioned below:

  • After login QuickBooks POS freezes
  • Unable to connect with POS company data
  • Network Connection problem
  • Issue while data transfer in POS
  • While applying R9 patch for Point of Sale, installation issue occurred
  • POS crashed during license checking
  • Due to database problem lost connection in POS
  • An error occurred while connecting with SSL
  • Installation error codes 1304, 1706 and 1642 occurred.
hicupps of quickbooks pos

If you ever faced any of the above-mentioned error or any other error then you should always contact QuickBooks POS Customer Support. This helpline number stays active during all 24 hours so that no POS users can go empty handed. The experts make sure they give a perfect solution to all users so that they can be satisfied and happy.


In most of the case so as to solve the problem of server connection in POS one needs to reboot the system and if it is not able to solve your problem then you need to perform following steps:

  • First, you need to switch off the workstation and then have to wait for some time after rebooting the server.
  • Then you should reboot the workstation of client
  • Now start the QuickBooks Point of Sale on client’s workstation and the database file on the server can be connected automatically.
For repairing the faulty POS software users need to follow the following steps:
  • Open Control Panel> Programs> Programs and Features > Uninstall or Change a Program
  • In the installation window of POS, tap on the button of repair
  • And once the repair process is completed you are ready to use your system.

Error code 176103 is the error where users are unable to activate their POS and it occurs when they try to validate its license. The steps which can be executed to resolve the error are:

  • Verify whether you are using correct validation code or not
  • And while writing code makes sure you are entering it without any spaces.

So as to initiate payment in QuickBooks POS you should do follow below-mentioned points:

  • Choose ‘Make a sale’ option in the screen of QuickBooks POS
  • Now enter the item in the given field and click on ‘credit’
  • Now choose the credit card as payment mode
  • Enter the card information and then select the option of authorizing

If you are finding any difficulty while using this accounting software then without any second thought you should ask QuickBooks POS Customer Support for the help. As the certified professionals are having all the expertise as well as experience of solving all errors and issues which users can face while using this brilliant accounting software.